Inside JAWS Tops the Apple Podcast Chart

As of this writing Inside JAWS is at #2 on Apple Podcasts.

#1 in the TV/Film category.

Cue proof of performance…

So what are the lessons from this (beyond the notion that everybody is listening to Inside JAWS so you should, too)?

There are many but I’ll boil down a few:

  1. Do great work that you can be enormously proud of
  2. Collaborate with peerless, talented collaborators (thank you, Jeff Schmidt)
  3. Align with a network that cares about the content as much as you do and knows how to get shows in front of ears (thank you, Wondery)
  4. Do something different that yearns to be done
  5. Put in the effort. Work hard.
  6. Ignore the critics – unless they love your work
  7. Whatever you’re pretty darn sure you can’t do, do it anyway
  8. Never doubt that the late Robert Kennedy can top your ranking, no matter what it is

If you haven’t already done so, go listen to Inside JAWS and subscribe.

It’s funny and thrilling and scary and moving. Much like the movie itself. I think you’ll like it.

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