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Study in the UK says radio boosts web browsing by 52%

Great news for the radio business today as a new survey from the UK reveals that radio is the perfect media to promote internet brands and services.

The RAB (Radio Advertising Bureau) study claims that radio listeners exposed to radio ads for a specific brand, are 52% more likely to include that brand in their internet browsing.

According the research, carried out by Dollywagon Media Science and Other Lines of Enquiry for the RAB, radio is four times more effective than other forms of advertising for web browsing.

Mark Barber, planning director at the Radio Advertising Bureau: “This is the first ever study quantifying how offline media influences the actual behavior of consumers online. Previous studies have highlighted radio’s complementary characteristics with the internet but this is the first piece of insight that shows the extent to which radio advertising drives online success for brands. The findings are highly significant for brands in markets where the internet provides the crucial final stage of customer buying – radio advertising offers these brands the chance to “turbo charge” this part of the marketing process”.

In a media world increasingly dominated by the internet and search engines, how do you ensure customers are specifically seeking out your brand online?

The new RAB research study – ‘Radio: The Online Multiplier’ – suggests that an answer lies in the use of offline media, like radio.

This is the first major research study to quantify how actual exposure to offline media influences actual consumer interaction with brands online, and reveals how:

– exposure to radio advertising boosts brand browsing by 52%
– radio is 4x more cost-effective than other media in this respect
– advertisers can optimise response through radio creative development

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