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Earshot Creative Review with Clive Dickens and Mark Barber


Hope you will enjoy this podcast as much as I have enjoyed being part of it. It’s the Earshot Creative Review recorded in March at the RadioDays Europe conference held in Copenhagen and features eminent radio leaders:

Clive Dickens, Absolute Radio‘s Chief Operating Officer. In this podcast, recorded before reports circulated of a possible sale of Absolute Radio, Clive explains how he considers the radio group’s imaging and production to be a significant part of its value.

And Mark Barber of the UK’s Radio Advertising Bureau, a key figure behind RadioGuage who was in Copenhagen to introduce the measurement service to broadcasters in new territories. You’ll hear what RadioGuage can teach station producers.

Other discussion themes include remote working and achiveing flow in CHR formats, plus we all listen in awe of work by production legend Jeff Thomas.

In addition to our chat you’ll hear bags of production from Absoulte Radio and Absolute 80s, KIIS and Kiss, and RadioGuage-proven ads from CocoPops and Autoglass.

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