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Record your album for free in NYC with Converse

This initiative from Converse is very cool and it’s such a great way for a brand to show some empathy and humanity while getting PR.

Converse the footwear brand has built a recording studio in NYC. Artists can use the studio to record their album in exchange for promotion for Converse.
Revenues and rights are for the artists, and Converse is targeting to get a lot positive PR with this cool initiative.

Here are the FAQs from Converse about the free recording studio:

Will I own the music I record at Converse Rubber Tracks?
Yes. You’ll have the option to give Converse limited rights to your music so we can publish it on and affiliated Converse sites and our presence on social media sites.

How much does it cost?
Nothing. Recording at Converse Rubber Tracks is free.

Will Converse Rubber Tracks supply a sound engineer for my recording session?
Yes, we have a staff of our own qualified sound engineers. If you’re interested in using your own sound engineer or producer—and you’ve been accepted—we can discuss.

Are all genres of music welcome?

What equipment will Converse provide?
There’s too much gear to list here. If you want the full breakdown, send us a note and we’ll shoot the info back to you.

If you want to see more go to the Converse Rubber Tracks website

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