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What “Local” REALLY Means (and it’s not what you think)

“Local, local, local.”

It’s a constant refrain in the radio industry.  It’s usually expressed as one of our key advantages relative to media and advertising options which are not “local” and not active in the local community.

What what does “local” mean – really?

I have written about this before, and in this video I spell out why, in many ways, there is no such thing as “local” per se – “local” is really a state of mind.

Radio’s success has less to do with being located around the corner and more to do with being meaningful around the corner.  ”Local” is a state of mind that has more to do with yourself, your family, and your neighborhood than the city where you just so happen to live.

“Local” is not a talking point or a handy cliche.  Watch this video to see what “local” really means.

The video is part of a live Q&A with Federated Media managers hosted by Federated’s James Derby (thanks to Federated and to James for a great conversation).


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