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Sweden: Radio to Go Digital by 2022

The Swedish government has proposed a digitalisation of radio, with the goal of replacing FM broadcasts by 2022.
The public broadcaster Sveriges Radio will be able to fund its national digital network through a state loan to be repayed after 2022. A similar model was used during the digitalisation of television.
The government will also appoint a coordinator for the radio digitalisation. The coordinator will produce a more detailed plan for digital radio.
“Radio is a strong medium with many listeners. The absolute majority listen to it via FM which was implemented a long time ago. Although the old technology still works, it also hinders the development of radio. A digital terrestrial network makes it possible to start new channels which can reach more listeners for a lower cost. Functions such as rewinding and pausing programmes will be possible. Competition will become better when commercial radio gets access to a national network” says culture minister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth.
Sveriges Radio and commercial radio welcome the proposal, although they request more funding for the digital radio project. Sveriges Radio wants 50 million crowns/year for the development of new channels, while commercial radio has proposed cuts in the annual fees they pay to the state.

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