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KIIS Has the Highest Revenue in the US

KIIS-FM in Los Angeles is the new number one on BIA/Kelsey’s list of the top revenue-producing radio stations in the US.
KIIS, which is owned by iHeart Media, sold advertising for 65.9 million USD in 2014. Hubbard’s news station WTOP in Washington DC, which topped the list during four years, drops to second place with 63.5 million.
According to BIA/Kelsey, total radio revenue was 14.9 billion last year, with over-the-ar radio revenues at 14.3 billion and online at 636 million. BIA/Kelsey expects radio income to continue to grow and reach 16.2 billion in 2019.
”Local radio stations continue to maintain an importan position in the local media marketplace. Last year, a slight decline in over-the-air revenues was offset by an increase in online revenues, resulting in steady overall revenues” says Mark Fratrik, senior vice president and chief economist at BIA/Kelsey.
This is the BIA/Kelsey top ten:
1. KIIS-FM, Los Angeles (CHR, iHeart Media): 65.9 million.
2. WTOP-FM, Washington DC (news, Hubbard): 63.5 million.
3. Z100, New York (CHR, iHeart Media): 51 million.
4. WCBS-AM, New York (news, CBS Radio): 49.2 million.
5. My FM, Los Angeles (hot AC, iHeart Media): 42.9 million.
6. Lite FM, New York (AC, iHeart Media): 41.5 million.
7. 1010 WINS, New York (news, CBS Radio): 41 million.
7. WFAN, New York (sports/talk, CBS Radio): 41 million.
9. KROQ, Los Angeles (alternative, CBS Radio): 40.2 million.
10. WBBM, Chicago (news, CBS Radio): 39.2 million.

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