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Record Audience for BBC Radio 4 Extra

BBC Radio 4 Extra has become the largest digital-only radio station in the UK, according to the latest survey from Rajar.
BBC Radio 4 Extra, which is broadcast on a national DAB network, has increased its weekly audience from 1.66 to 2.17 million in one year. It is now more popular than BBC’s classical and culture station BBC Radio 3, which is broadcast on FM in addition to DAB.
”Radio 4 Extra was once a hidden gem in the BBC Radio portfolio. I’m delighted it has now been discovered by record numbers of listeners who are enjoying its unique blend of speech programmes, old and new. Our digital-only networks are coming of age and complementing our tradiitonal stations in bringing distinctive content to a wide audience” says Helen Boaden, director of BBC Radio
39.6% of listening is now digital, up from 36.6% last year. DAB is the biggest digital platform with a 25.9% share and a 35.5% weekly reach. 49% of British homes own at least one DAB receiver.

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