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US Public Radio Live Streaming Drops 6%

The listening to internet streams of US public radio has dropped since last years. But the popularity of podcasts continues to grow.
Listening to internet streams has increased slowly for several years, but now that development seems to have been broken. In the first quarter of 2015, the total listening hours to the live streams of 239 US public radio stations was down 6% year-on-year. Both music and news streams are falling.
”In the past, music streams were showing more decline and news strams were fairly steady, but now both formats are showing a drop in total listening hours and cume. We know that Pandora and its cousins continue to chip away public radio music listening, but it’s worrisome to see our news streams also falling” writes Steve Mulder the senior director of audience insights at NPR.
While live streaming is down, more listeners are turning to podcasts. NPR podcasts have almost doubled in total downloaded hours since a year ago and the number of unique users are up 29% in a year.
”A lot of digital listening to public radio is now on-demand, not live streaming. When we look at the stations that are participating in our on-demand audio measurement, we see that on-demand audio is already a third of all digital listening. That’s just listening to station content, not including NPR podcasts. We believe that number will only get higher” writes Steve Mulder.

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