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English-Language Station Expands on DAB in Belgium

Radio X, an online English-language station based in Brussels, has announced plans to start broadcasting on DAB+ throughout the Flanders region of Belgium with a potential of reaching a population of 8 million.
The station will be introduced on the DAB+ networks in Brussels and Antwerp in mid-August, with further expansion throughout Flanders in 2017.
“These are exciting times for radio in Belgium, and also Radio X. The switch to broadcasting on DAB+ provides the country with a radio station it rightfully deserves and can benefit from, right from its heart, Brussels” says the Radio X CEO Lee Middleton.
Radio X, which was launched as an online station three years ago, is financing its move to digital radio partly through a crowdfunding campaign.
The station targets 263,500 expats, including staff at the EU institutions, big global firms, NATO and embassies, as well as tourists. In Brussels, 45% of the population is non-Belgian.

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