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BBC to Triple External Radio Production

In an agreement with independent production companies, BBC will open up nearly 60 percent of BBC’s radio hours to competition. This could triple the potential commissions for indepentent producers.
The agreement, which follows lengthy negotiations between the BBC and trade body RIG, was revealed by BBC’s director of radio Helen Boaden at RIG’s annual general meeting.
Helen Boaden said that the amount of output of the UK’s independent radio producers could win would increase threefold, from the current 9,000 hours to around 27,000 hours at the end of a six-year period. She described the new strategy, knows as ”Compete or Compare” as ”by some distance the greatest intervention in content production in the history of our sector”, but also pointed out that it would not mean that ”everything put out to competition will be won by and indie.”
The opening up of competition involves all national BBC stations. This includes the expectation that all programming on the digital station Radio 6 Music will be opened up to competition after six years.
Currently, BBC Radio has a 10 per cent quota for independent production, with an additional 10 per cent ”Window of Creative Competition”.

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