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Breakthrough Digital Strategy for Radio – Federated’s James Derby


In radio, we are always talking about digital strategies, but how about seeing some actual strategies in action and the real audience and revenue results they generate?

That’s why James Derby spoke at hivio, the audio future festival held a while back in LA.

James has led the development of some of the boldest, most inventive, and most compelling platform integrations in and around the audio space. James is the Chief Strategy Officer for Federated Media. In this role he’s helping guide Federated’s radio, newspaper and digital properties as legacy and digital media converge.

In this terrific presentation, James lays out three key Federated digital strategies in detail: Federated’s local and regional sports sites, their digital marketing agency, and their cutting edge mobile apps.

There are great lessons here for any broadcaster trying to anticipate where the digital winds of change are gusting.

Watch this video:

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