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Exclusives Power the Next Generation of Online Radio Competition

Once it was enough just to stream whatever the music industry pumped out. The marketplace was littered with online radio alternatives large and small. This was fine when there was nothing but blue sky and everyone was land-grabbing to scale distribution as quickly as possible. But now the online radio ranker has winners and losers – […]

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About Seth Godin’s “End of Radio”

Radio broadcasters have made much fuss about Seth Godin’s post this past week titled “an end of radio.” In it, Seth referenced the conversation he and I had eight years ago about the future of radio and how it would likely be impacted by access to unlimited online radio alternatives. It’s hard to believe our […]

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Mediacize This: Radio, Your Clients are Becoming “Media”

One of the greatest challenges for ALL traditional media – radio, TV, and print – is what I’m calling the “mediacizing” of brands.” As our client brands create content via media these brands become media, and as brands become media we have to ask: Where does that leave traditional media brands? Will big brands need […]

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