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Here’s How America’s Most Popular Apps Will Reshape Media

Look out! America’s most popular apps will reshape media! And… Was media’s “crisis of proliferation” predicted…back in 1976? It’s episode 28 of Media Unplugged with branding authority Tom Asacker and media strategist Mark Ramsey. Plus, the “Happy Birthday paradox” and HBO’s Westworld nudity PR stunt. Brand authority Tom Asacker and Media Strategist Mark Ramsey go inside what’s really […]

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Apple is Wrong about the Future of TV

Apple says the future of TV is apps – but is it? And… Why is Verizon launching a video service nobody is asking for? It’s episode 27 of Media Unplugged with branding authority Tom Asacker and media strategist Mark Ramsey. Plus, rants and raves for the ubiquity of all things “artisanal,” the 23rd Annual Sports Fan Loyalty Index, MTV’s […]

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IMGR, a Cool New Tool that Makes your Audio Production Stronger

I’m always on the lookout for cool and effective new tools that can make the radio industry better, more productive, and entertaining and engaging to its listeners. This week I found a great one, IMGR. IMGR is an on-demand station branding solution that offers thousands of content files (and new ones every week) that are fully customized for […]

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A Dramatic Reinvention of Mobile News/Talk Apps

What if your News/Talk station could have a mobile app that not only replayed your linear over-the-air stream, but also created something new? That is, what if you could personalize the content to the individual consumer – news, traffic, weather? And what if it could be presented in a non-linear stream, unique to every individual? […]

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Bringing Audio Together – the Magic of AGOGO with J.D. Heilprin

If all your favorite audio content is all over the place in a variety of different channels, why can’t you aggregate it all in one place? Well, now you can! J.D. Heilprin is founder of AGOGO, a stealthy mobile-first startup that was recently featured in the iTunes store as “best new app” and “top news […]

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Is NextRadio Growing…or Sinking?

From Radio Ink: The latest statistics from Emmis regarding NextRadio show the popularity in the app is still on the rise. NextRadio allows listeners to access their favorite radio station on select Sprint phones without using data. In addition to the NextRadio app being downloaded over 240,000 times, listeners have tuned to nearly nearly 8,000 […]

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Posted in Apps, Digital Strategy, emmis, fm, FM on Mobile Phones, listener, mark ramsey, mark ramsey media, Media, mobile, mobile phones, next, nextradio, radio, radio industry, ramsey-blog, sprint, tagstation Gives Your Audience the Power to Create Radio Segments

Radio barely scratches the surface of co-creation – the idea that today’s digitally empowered consumers are also producers – makers – of content. And content-makers want nothing more than an audience for their content. Platforms abound, but audiences and the attention they possess remain precious and scarce. If there’s one thing a successful radio brand […]

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The Best New Audio App of 2013? It’s AGOGO

One of the great pleasures of this job at this time in this industry is being near ground zero when an entrepreneur sees the world in a new way and brings that new world to life. I am proud to have done a tiny bit of work with a great new startup called AGOGO. But […]

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How to Beat the New Car Dashboard

All this fretting over the evolving car dashboard is so much ado about the wrong stuff. Okay…. A flood of new content is coming. Lots of it is already here. There is no way to keep it out because consumers don’t want it out. The primacy of radio on the car dash is officially a […]

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Digital Transformation for Radio and Media – Mindgruve CEO Chad Robley

My talk with digital trend-setter Chad Robley is one of the opening sessions from hivio 2013, the inaugural radio ideas festival in San Diego. Chad is CEO of Mindgruve, a digital agency whose clients include brands like Proctor & Gamble, House of Blues, Oracle, Merck and Live Nation. Watch as Chad describes: The importance of […]

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