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Radio is Afraid of Change

There’s no doubt about it: Consistency matched to consumer expectations is a big reason why listeners keep coming back to the brands they love. But what happens when new choices and the novelty packed into them abound? And not just “radio” choices, but attention-getting distractions which occupy the same block of time that otherwise would […]

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“The Number One Station is Pandora”

Any good radio research nowadays allows respondents to express what they listen to using the lines consumers draw, not the ones historically drawn by broadcasters. For that reason, one of the questions I ask is this: “Considering AM, FM, Satellite, and Internet Radio, what one radio station or service would you say is your favorite […]

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What’s REALLY Happening To Radio Listening? Read This…

In order to rally and fight a problem, we must begin by recognizing its existence. The realities of changing consumer usage have certainly provoked action for my clients in what used to be called “newspapers,” I can tell you. But radio has been slower to action not only because the trends have been less dire, […]

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Once Upon a Time in the Land of PPM

Are you sick of this yet? PPM market. After many months of consistent and strong ratings performance, things nosedive. All at once. No explanation. No calls to the station. No sudden change in market or station variables. No mass exodus of fans to another market closer to the beach. No seasonally expected change caused by, […]

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Does Radio “Need a New Story”?

Sometimes I just want to scream. Like when I read a piece in Radio Ink titled “Consumers do not know about the Power of Radio.” That’s right. With five radios in every household and radio presumably being a part of virtually everyone’s daily habit, we consumers “do not know about the power of radio.” We […]

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Your PPM Strategy is Wrong: Word-of-Mouth Still Matters

It is almost impossible to count the ways in which playing to Arbitron’s PPM measurement methodology may provide short term gains for radio ratings, but very much at the expense of the health of radio brands long-term. And here’s yet another one. It is accepted wisdom that, since PPM supposedly measures behaviors rather than recall […]

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Dear Arbitron, What about Asian Americans?

Arbitron makes no distinction between Asian Americans and any other group of non-Hispanic, non-African Americans in their sample. That means Asian Americans fall into the vast category called “other,” a category without sub-categories and the sample goals those sub-categories might deserve. In any given market there is no way to know whether Arbitron is properly […]

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Radio has only Two Paths – and “Local” isn’t One

Today Seth Godin talks “Local.” Says Seth: Local media was an essential business for a century, largely for three reasons: 1. Broadcast signals and newspaper trucks could only travel so far, so ‘local’ was the natural category. 2. Commerce (and thus advertising) was local. 3. Interests tended to align locally as well. Today, of course, the signal travels […]

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Radio asks the Wrong Questions

“What’s the future of radio?” “How does radio compete against Pandora et. al.?” “How can we get FM on mobile devices?” “How do we stay in a prominent place on the car dashboard?” These are typical of the questions I hear. And what makes them all similar is that they are asked from the inside-out. […]

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Nielsen buys Arbitron…What it REALLY Means to You

It’s not just the Mayan apocalypse that passed uneventfully, it’s also the announcement of another transition – the one that may transform Arbitron into Nielsen. Much has been written about this announcement over the previous days, most of it anticipating (or at least hoping for) new benefits to radio. Call me crazy, but I don’t […]

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