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“Radio, Advertisers are Less Interested in an Audience and More Interested in a Buyer”

Gordon Borrell has issued his latest report benchmarking local media’s digital revenues. Required reading for anyone in the local media business. Yesterday I published a transcript of Part 1 and the full video interview. Today, Part 2: Whereas the emphasis in the radio industry seems to be “let’s communicate the value of the Nielsen numbers, let’s make […]

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Will Half of Terrestrial Radio Stations Disappear?

A recent Borrell report provided a slew of predictions for the media space over the next ten years, but none was more alarming to radio broadcasters than Prediction No. 4: The prediction: Car-dashboard options diminish AM/FM radio listening. Half the terrestrial stations disappear. Only those with strongest and most valuable audiences remain. Smartphones become radios. […]

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Seth Godin says Radio’s “Asset of the Future” is…

…not clicks or likes or views – it’s how many people want to hear from you tomorrow. From Seth: What all your local advertisers want is a connection to local people who want to hear from them. So your job is not to leverage FCC spectrum…your job is to find and nurture a connection with […]

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Gordon Borrell on Radio’s “Miserable” Digital Sales Progress

Gordon Borrell is a fan of radio, but not of radio’s performance on the digital sales front. How are radio’s digital selling efforts different from those of other media platforms? It turns out they differ quite a lot. It’s a sad thing, says Borrell, and radio is on the verge of “blowing it.” You need […]

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