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7 Predictions about the Future of Media

  7 predictions about the future of media. And… Great advice for musicians – and marketers! It’s episode 34 of Media Unplugged with branding authority Tom Asacker and media strategist Mark Ramsey. Plus, rants and raves on your chance to own your own movie theater for just $100 – and more. Listen as we go […]

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Would Today’s Youth Miss Radio if it Went Away?

In an article aptly titled “Young People Don’t Care About Newspapers, Old People Don’t Care About Smartphones,” Business Insider quoted an Ofcom study contrasting the responses of persons 16-24 to folks 75 and over. The question? “What media would you miss the most?” And here’s the chart: BI writes: People between the ages of 16 and […]

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Will Wearable Tech Compete with Radio?

Wearable tech is all the rage, or at least discussing it is all the rage, since gadgets like Google Glass and the rumored iWatch are just over the horizon for the most part. But does wearable tech have the potential to affect radio listening in its traditional form? It might. Case and point: “Smart earphones.” […]

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What Radio’s Changing Audience Demos Means for You

As you consider your target audience, don’t forget that target keeps moving. And it has profound implications for radio. Check out this chart from Business Insider via WSJ: This chart shows the changes in US demographics (age only) over the past six years. What you’re looking at is a slight decline in the overall number […]

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Radio and the Future of Digital: 2013

Henry Blodget at Business Insider just published an updated look at the future of digital media that has consequences for those who are fighting the audio wars in the radio trenches and elsewhere. Here are a few highlights – but I encourage you to check out the full presentation. What rises to the top of […]

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Radio’s Short-Term Emphasis May Be Fatal

I’ve been writing a lot lately about the tie-breaking value of doing the “unnecessary” – The idea that doing what’s not necessarily “important” (at least not yet) can eventually become the decisive difference making your brand more desirable than all the others. Doing what’s “unnecessary” means doing what you don’t have to do. Or do […]

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What Happens to Radio when Technology Kills Mobile Phones?

There remains a drumbeat among some broadcasters to install FM radio into mobile phones, but what happens when some new technology kills off those mobile devices? From Business Insider: There is a line of thinking that the smartphone era will perish almost as quickly as it began.This is, after all, the natural way of technology. […]

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