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Media Unplugged: Long Live Fake Fame!

Long live fake fame! And… Is Facebook killing comedy? Plus, rants and raves on what a famous handbag owes to the back of an airplane sick-bag, the wondrous origin of the most famous Coke jingle in history, and the mystery surrounding the seeming impossibility to recreate Beyonce in wax. It’s episode 79 of Media Unplugged with branding authority Tom Asacker and […]

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Whatever Happened to Podcasting?

[A longer version of this post appeared in NetNewsCheck] “Podcasting” is the term describing the creation and consumption of on-demand video and especially audio. It was the “next big thing” – about six or seven years ago. And today? Not so much. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of podcasting going on out there. […]

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What Radio Talent Can Learn from Improv

What can radio talent learn from the masters of comic improv? A lot, it turns out. In one of the most enjoyable conversations from hivio 2013, the radio ideas festival, I talked with Gary Kramer, Artistic Director of the National Comedy Theatre in New York and San Diego. Over the past two decades, the NCT […]

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