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TV’s Digital Lessons for Radio

Edison Research recently showcased some buyer interviews arguing, among other things, that radio’s digital-only doo-dads are less than compelling to many buyers and that what they really want is an integrated approach across platforms built around fresh ideas. So what’s best, digital-only or integrated? Don’t get lost in this “either/or” – it’s a myth. It’s […]

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Mediacize This: Radio, Your Clients are Becoming “Media”

One of the greatest challenges for ALL traditional media – radio, TV, and print – is what I’m calling the “mediacizing” of brands.” As our client brands create content via media these brands become media, and as brands become media we have to ask: Where does that leave traditional media brands? Will big brands need […]

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Apple wants to Erase your Radio Spots

Another day, another technology-driven way to undo advertising.  Forget the fact that advertising is what pays for most of the content we enjoy on TV or radio. Apple was just granted a patent for technology that would allow users to switch seamlessly to their own audio or video files once ads started playing on their […]

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Is it Time to Stop “Owning a Word”?

Back in the day, Ries & Trout galvanized broadcasters by preaching the power of the “word.” Own one, they advised.  Just one. This played well with a broadcasting audience for obvious reasons – we were and largely are in the audio business, and messaging in that business continues to be driven by words (I happen […]

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