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Better Listen to Saul

In the latest episode of the excellent Re/code Media Podcast, host Peter Kafka (who will be onstage talking media with me at hivio in June) interviewed Peter Gould, the co-creator of TV’s Better Call Saul, a terrific show and the spinoff to the amazing Breaking Bad. One thing Peter said stuck with me: “The job […]

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Why Do Radio Personalities Exist?

It’s not about how little you talk, it’s about how much you say. Granted, the ratings generally show that less talk is better on music-oriented stations. Except, that is, when the talk is compelling and the person talking is someone listeners want to hear from. In other words, when the DJ is part of the brand […]

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5 Ways to Make a Better Radio Blog

Earlier this week I argued that DJ blogs often are a waste of time and effort. Today I’m going to share a few thoughts on how to make them better. 1. You don’t need a DJ blog There is no requirement that your digital platform include a DJ blog. Just because you can doesn’t mean […]

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7 Reasons Why Your DJ Blog is a Waste of Time

Does your radio station have a batch of DJ blogs? Here are 7 reasons why they may be a waste of time, effort, energy, and resources – especially on music-oriented stations: 1. A blog requires a strong point of view, and many DJ’s don’t have one In fact, in many cases a strong point of […]

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