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40 Years 40,000 Sales Calls – a Conversation with Barry Drake

There are few class acts in the radio and TV business classier than Barry Drake. After an amazing career leading a variety of radio and television companies, Barry has set down on paper the best lessons from those years, mixed with enough anecdotes and highlights for several careers. The book is 40 Years 40,000 Sales Calls: Thoughts […]

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How to Monetize Your Podcast

What’s the upside for advertising on podcasts? Where is it going and how can your podcast get a piece of a growing advertising pie? That’s what I asked Erik Diehn, VP Biz Dev at Midroll Media, the podcasting advertising network. Midroll, like PodcastOne, is one of the companies creating of the business of podcasting. The audience sizes […]

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Proof that Terrestrial Radio Can Make Money Streaming

I’m tired of certain “chiefs” of the radio industry who diminish the prospect of making money from streaming, as if Internet radio is altogether different from or irrelevant to the future of broadcast tower licensees. Hardly. Further, when these individuals proudly proclaim “there’s no money to be made in streaming” and “I’ve never met any broadcaster […]

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How Broadcasters Can Monetize Their Mobile Apps

I have long argued that radio broadcasters demand too little of their mobile apps. Yes, they can stream the over-the-air content. But so can your radio. What else can they do? What about your app is so essential, so engaging, such an important complement to the over-the-air and streaming experience that it demands not only that I […]

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How “Smartcuts” Can Transform Your Media Brand

Quick Summary: How can your media brand leapfrog your competition? Not by shortcuts but by “smartcuts.” Here are a few examples that you can put right to work: Lateral thinking, agility, leveraging platforms, 10X thinking, and more…. Shane Snow is the co-founder of Contently, the publishing platform for brands, journalists, and storytellers. Shane is a […]

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A Remarkable Conversation with Glenn Beck

If you are a regular watcher of CNN’s Reliable Sources, then last weekend you saw the first part of a remarkable interview with the equally remarkable Glenn Beck. Always a great talent and once a polarizing lightning rod for controversy, Glenn reveals new layers of thoughtful complexity and a humanity that will surprise those who know […]

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What Radio Can Learn from a YouTube Star

What’s the difference between a media brand and an individual with 50 million YouTube views? Nothing! Andrea Russett is a YouTube phenomenon. She has amassed over 700K Twitter followers, 1 million YouTube subscribers, 1.1 million Instagram followers, and 50 million YouTube views. Speaking with me at hivio 2014 with her manager Phil Becker, here are some of the […]

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This is how Pandora has Changed Audio Advertising

Pandora is changing more than the way folks consume radio – it’s changing the way agencies view audio advertising. This was at the center of my conversation with Pandora VP Audio Sales Doug Sterne at the hivio audio future festival in San Diego in June, 2014. Among the questions Doug answers: What impact has online radio in […]

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Why Talk Radio is “Mad as Hell”

Why is Talk Radio so angry? And does it remind you of anything? Particularly a certain classic film, released in 1976 and called Network? You know the one. With the scene featuring a waterlogged anchorman played by Peter Finch, desperately imploring his frustrated viewers to go to their windows, throw them open, and shout at […]

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The Future of Radio In a Nutshell

Want to hear some great ideas on the future of radio and the role of what we sometimes call “podcasting” in it? Then watch this video. It’s the New Media Show from Geek News Central with Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee, and I am their featured guest this week. We cover a TON of ground […]

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