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The Magic of Radio Experiences

Retail stores are closing all across the country. “It’s Amazon! They’re stealing our market!” That’s the refrain. And it’s true, right? But wait… Has America lost its taste to shop locally? And what does that imply for local broadcasters who also compete for the attention of their audiences with platforms not bound by geography? Here’s a […]

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Radio: How Do You “Do Local”?

“Live and local” is one of the favorite phrases employed by broadcasters who want to emphasize that, unlike some other media platforms fighting for your attention and your ad dollars, we are here in your local community. But how do you prove that? And why does it matter? In too many cases, being “local” is […]

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Breakthrough Digital Strategy for Radio – Federated’s James Derby

In radio, we are always talking about digital strategies, but how about seeing some actual strategies in action and the real audience and revenue results they generate? That’s why James Derby spoke at hivio, the audio future festival held a while back in LA. James has led the development of some of the boldest, most inventive, […]

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This is Research Steve Jobs Never Would Have Used

I have nothing against Mark Kassof, although I interviewed for a job with him at the very beginning of my career and he didn’t hire me. Of course, some would say he made the right decision there. Kassof just released a piece of research which aims to prove not only that radio is primarily “local” […]

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The FCC Needs to Have Its Head Examined

From Radio Ink: The FCC’s  detailed explanation why it’s not allowing more deregulation is very specific about what radio is expected to deliver. In rejecting the NAB’s increased competitive environment, the FCC points out that Satellite Radio and Internet Radio are “national platforms,” not likely to respond to competitive conditions in local markets. And, no […]

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Radio’s Misplaced Obsession on “Local”

Not a week goes by that some broadcaster doesn’t bemoan radio’s unfortunate “nationalization” and the urgent need for radio brands to get back to what they are presumed to do best: Be local. This is a mistake. But where does this obsession with “local” come from? It’s not from the FCC license, which requires that […]

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Me, My Family, and My Neighborhood

“Local” or “not local” is the wrong way to think about news and entertainment on the radio. When it comes to information, for example, there are two flavors – one kind is relevant to me, my family, or my neighborhood. The other kind is entertainment. Here is an overview of consumers’ “circles of interest”: At […]

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Making Sense of the Auto Dashboard

It seems to me that radio is in a bit of paralysis by analysis when it comes to the “connected” auto dashboard. As we get lost in the details of what change is coming and how fast, we’re not focused nearly enough on what to do about it, given that such a large proportion of […]

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“Live and Local”? I Don’t Think So

It has been suggested that the new story for radio should be one of the oldest stories for radio: “We’re live and local.” This strikes me as perplexing for many reasons, not the least of which is that so much of radio is neither live nor local. Yet that doesn’t make it less popular or […]

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What Broadcasters MUST Do in the Online Radio Space

What is REALLY going on in the online radio space in local markets all across America? Triton Digital Chief Strategy Officer Patrick Reynolds lifts the veil on one local market, San Diego, at hivio 2013. In this presentation, Patrick brings us up to date on trends in online radio and explains just how much online […]

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