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Radio Listeners Have More Sex

A recent study set out to determine the difference between hearing music aloud and together with others (the way radio tends to be consumed) versus hearing that music alone (e.g., via earbuds or headphones). The study, sponsored by Sonos and Apple Music, came to this conclusion (reported in Mashable): With music being played aloud, families […]

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Is There Love in your Audio Brand?

In her book Marketing: A Love Story: How to Matter to Your Customers, author Bernadette Jiwa tells of a visit to a restaurant. Everything was clean. It was easy to overlook the peeling corners of the laminated menu. The food was fine, the coffee was fine. As the bill was paid, the server asked “Was […]

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People Don’t Fall In Love With Distribution Channels…

…they fall in love with content. It’s not often I make a post that is purely an image, but I thought I’d make a tiny – and meaningful – exception today. Enjoy.

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Does Radio “Need a New Story”?

Sometimes I just want to scream. Like when I read a piece in Radio Ink titled “Consumers do not know about the Power of Radio.” That’s right. With five radios in every household and radio presumably being a part of virtually everyone’s daily habit, we consumers “do not know about the power of radio.” We […]

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