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The Secret to Marketing a Movie – and Will Vessel Crush YouTube?

The secret to marketing movies like brands. And… Will Vessel crush YouTube? It’s episode 18 of Media Unplugged with branding authority Tom Asacker and media strategist Mark Ramsey. Plus, rants and raves on what a Vine superstar has in common with one of the Staples Singers, faulty statistics in determining that millennials are flooding back into movie theaters, Ben Affleck’s […]

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Advertising is Dead; Long Live Advertising

Interruption marketing is bad. Right? People hate ‘em – those ads that stop you from enjoying the content you love – blah! But wait, if this type of advertising is so bad – so hated, then how come there’s more of it now than ever? There are more spots on TV than ever. In 2009, for example, […]

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Media Unplugged: BuzzFeed’s Viral Secrets / Netflix vs. Hollywood – Again

It’s episode 4 of Media Unplugged, and Tom Asacker and Mark Ramsey reveal the secret to BuzzFeed’s video success and uncover the real story underlying Netflix’s attack on the movie business. First, we discuss the magical pixie dust that makes BuzzFeed’s viral videos go viral and what that has to do with tapping consumer desire. Second, Netflix fires a bullet to the […]

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Ryan Holiday: How to Grow Your Media Brand the Silicon Valley Way

Quick Summary: How do today’s tech startups launch and scale big and fast? By using a new union of traditional and direct marketing and business development that adds up to one thing: Growth. How can radio and other media brands become “growth hackers”? Ryan Holiday is the former Director of Marketing for American Apparel. He has promoted […]

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Is Bob Hoffman’s Argument “Full of Crap”?

Tongues are wagging about NAB keynoter and self-styled “ad contrarian” Bob Hoffman’s profanity-laced critique of online advertising. Wagging for all the wrong reasons. See, Bob conveniently chose convenient facts and then conveniently wrapped those facts with absurd conclusions. On Online Advertising Says Bob: “the advertising industry has become the web’s lapdog – irresponsibly exaggerating the effectiveness […]

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Does your Radio Positioning Suck?

“If you repeat something often enough, folks will believe it.” That’s one of those old radio maxims that results from years of radio stations repeating positioning messages and years of consumers repeating them back to us. But do they really believe the messages? Or are they just skilled at repeating them back to us? And what if the […]

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Lessons for Your Radio Brand from Anchorman 2

Is your radio brand just a radio brand? This past holiday season one movie changed what it means to be a “movie,” and there’s a lesson wrapped up in that change for any radio brand, too. The movie was Anchorman 2, and the “change” is outlined in the Slideshare presentation below from Gary Vaynerchuk: Anchorman […]

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What’s Your Sign?

Before 1960, the drive-in was king. It was ground-zero for a demographic segment Hollywood had forgotten in its obsession to meet head on the challenge that was television, and that demo was teenagers. So a generation of films and filmmakers arose with that segment squarely in their sights. And chief among them was a director […]

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The Hunger Games You Are Not, Radio

It has been a long time since radio broadcasters had sizable ad budgets to work with – a remarkable irony since radio is, after all, in the business of investing the sizable ad budgets of its clients for what broadcasters argue is a quantifiable and worthwhile return. Since then we have relied on bowing our […]

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Lessons for Radio from a World-Class Brand: The San Diego Zoo

What could radio broadcasters possibly learn from a Zoo? Ask the folks at hivio, the first inaugural radio ideas festival, because this conversation between me and San Diego Zoo Global Brand Manager Michael Warburton turned out to be one of the “hits” of the event, and it had the room buzzing. Some highlights: How legendary […]

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