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Once Upon a Time in the Land of PPM

Are you sick of this yet? PPM market. After many months of consistent and strong ratings performance, things nosedive. All at once. No explanation. No calls to the station. No sudden change in market or station variables. No mass exodus of fans to another market closer to the beach. No seasonally expected change caused by, […]

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Your PPM Strategy is Wrong: Word-of-Mouth Still Matters

It is almost impossible to count the ways in which playing to Arbitron’s PPM measurement methodology may provide short term gains for radio ratings, but very much at the expense of the health of radio brands long-term. And here’s yet another one. It is accepted wisdom that, since PPM supposedly measures behaviors rather than recall […]

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Dear Arbitron, What about Asian Americans?

Arbitron makes no distinction between Asian Americans and any other group of non-Hispanic, non-African Americans in their sample. That means Asian Americans fall into the vast category called “other,” a category without sub-categories and the sample goals those sub-categories might deserve. In any given market there is no way to know whether Arbitron is properly […]

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Radio has only Two Paths – and “Local” isn’t One

Today Seth Godin talks “Local.” Says Seth: Local media was an essential business for a century, largely for three reasons: 1. Broadcast signals and newspaper trucks could only travel so far, so ‘local’ was the natural category. 2. Commerce (and thus advertising) was local. 3. Interests tended to align locally as well. Today, of course, the signal travels […]

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Radio asks the Wrong Questions

“What’s the future of radio?” “How does radio compete against Pandora et. al.?” “How can we get FM on mobile devices?” “How do we stay in a prominent place on the car dashboard?” These are typical of the questions I hear. And what makes them all similar is that they are asked from the inside-out. […]

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Radio’s Ridiculous Debate about Streaming – Part 1

The debate-of-the-week in the radio business is: What do we do to monetize our stream?  Do we simulcast what’s on the air and throw it in as added (non) value, or do we treat the stream as an additional component in our brand arsenal and monetize it as such? Look, there’s no magic in adding […]

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FM on Mobile Phones? Be Careful what you Wish For

What’s the best way for radio to compete in a newly digital mobile environment? Is it to ensure that every mobile phone has an activated FM chip?  Is it, in other words, to expand the limits of existing technology to cover new gadgets which are built fundamentally on newer and more interactive and personal technology? […]

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PPM and Agency: Crack meet Addict

Recently I heard a story of a station in a large market whose ratings have skyrocketed recently.  What sort of genius programming is responsible for this? The kind that lucks out with two PPM panelists in one household who are new to the ratings panel. Long may they live. But this can be monetized, to […]

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Which is Better? PPM or Diary?

Now that’s a post title which speaks for itself. And by “which is better?” I don’t mean “which is more accurate?” I mean which is better for our clients? And the answer is not at all what we might assume. Watch: Please upgrade your browser Prefer audio?  Try this: Download mp3 (You can subscribe to […]

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Arbitron’s Small Sample Problem – it’s Worse than you Think

It’s not news that Arbitron has a problem with small samples in PPM markets. Every broadcaster in these markets has bumped into this problem at one time or another, usually with either delightful or devastating ratings consequences. Let’s look at this problem from a different perspective: Forget ratings and consider cancer rates in the US. […]

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