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Why Nothing Changes in Talk Radio

Today, I’m taking a back seat to the inimitable Darryl Parks, a legend in the world of commercial radio spoken word. Darryl has an extraordinarily blunt and insightful perspective on what ails Talk Radio, and you can read it here. A few highlights: I guess I hit close to home with my prior blog post on […]

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Why Aren’t Radio Program Directors Compensated on Top Line Revenue?

Once upon a time a radio station featured two opposing forces: The sellers who sold the ads that interrupted the content and the programmers who created the content to grow the audience that sellers interrupted. The system was built to do two things: Maximize the audience and then throw obstacles at them – spots – that […]

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Local Public Radio: What To Do…

…in a world where the networks you pay for content circumvent you by distributing much of that same content online? This is a complicated question, but it’s one that branding authority Tom Asacker tackles with me in this highlight from our conversation at the recent Public Radio Program Director’s conference in Las Vegas. Is it […]

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