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Why Doesn’t Radio use “Add to Calendar”?

I spend my day inviting others to meetings and accepting invitations from others. And I do it the same way you do, by sending or accepting those little “add to calendar” invitations. So here we are, radio broadcasters, driving tune-in to an appointment-based medium where appointments are clearly rewarded by Arbitron at ratings time. And […]

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Social Media is a Mirror

Why does a relatively small fraction of your audience “like” you on Facebook? Because, as Shama Kabani reminds us, you’re looking in the wrong mirror. Shama is a celebrated social media author, entrepreneur, and card-carrying member of the digerati (she is also a one-time interview subject on this blog). In a recent piece in Inc. […]

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Radio: A Sure Path to Lower Ratings

So the early results are in in the battle between DirecTV and Viacom, and they’re not pretty – for Viacom. Thanks to a deal dispute, Viacom has been off DirecTV for several days.  That is, distribution – attention – has been reduced.  And the impact has been dramatic. According to the LA Times, Nickelodeon’s ratings […]

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