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A Remarkable Conversation with Glenn Beck

If you are a regular watcher of CNN’s Reliable Sources, then last weekend you saw the first part of a remarkable interview with the equally remarkable Glenn Beck. Always a great talent and once a polarizing lightning rod for controversy, Glenn reveals new layers of thoughtful complexity and a humanity that will surprise those who know […]

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Hulu and the Star-Making Future of Radio

I have glimpsed the future of radio and it is Hulu. Let me explain. Once upon a time, Hulu was that slick online platform that provided a quality viewing experience for gobs of top quality, professionally produced TV content, including a deep archive of favorite shows from days gone by. Well it’s still that, of […]

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What ESPN’s Franchise Business Means to You

Why did ESPN acquire Nate Silver and his hugely popular NYT blog Was it just to lay odds on sports events? Or was it for a much bigger play? This past weekend on CNN’s Reliable Sources, ESPN Chief John Skipper spelled out the strategy: …We had launched Grantland, [where we] allowed Bill Simmons to […]

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Radio Lessons from the Huffington Post

Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington was on CNN last weekend where she outlined the key elements of HuffPo’s success.  And while not every (or maybe even not any) other site can hope to become the traffic magnet that is Huffington Post, it seems to me her prescription is relevant for any local media company that […]

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