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Seth Godin says Radio’s “Asset of the Future” is…

…not clicks or likes or views – it’s how many people want to hear from you tomorrow. From Seth: What all your local advertisers want is a connection to local people who want to hear from them. So your job is not to leverage FCC spectrum…your job is to find and nurture a connection with […]

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What I Like about NASH FM

I’m not talking about the radio station (which is New York’s newest Country station), I’m talking about the website. Yes, I know this is an “opening act” site and not the “final” one.  But in many ways this is a much better “final” site than whatever might be “final.” Consider what it provides: A clean, […]

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Great Radio is Heavy on “Humanity”

A sentence from Seth Godin’s terrific new book The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly? captured my attention: “We don’t need more stuff, we need more humanity.” “Stuff” is abundant, but “humanity” seems to be scarce. Consider the great radio stations you know.  Are any of them heavy on “stuff” and light on “humanity”? […]

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Impact Your Radio Audience the Dragonfly Way

Andy Smith is the co-author of a fabulous new book called The Dragonfly Effect, a book about using social media to drive social change. A serial tech marketer and entrepreneur, Andy is a Principal of Vonavona Ventures where he advises and bootstraps technical and social ventures with guidance in marketing and customer strategy. Watch the […]

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As Long As FM Radio is on Sprint Phones….

Last week one of the radio industry’s big headlines was the preliminary deal struck between Sprint and various players in radio to provide over-the-air FM on Sprint devices via the Emmis/HD Radio NextRadio platform.  I haven’t seen much thoughtful analysis on this yet, so here goes nothing. On the surface, this is good news.  After […]

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Dave Ramsey on the Future of Radio’s Business Model

As the demands of radio’s business change – as advertisers look beyond ratings to effectiveness – how should broadcasters adapt? That’s the question I put to Dave Ramsey, host of the nationally syndicated Dave Ramsey Show, which is heard on more than 500 radio stations throughout the US and Canada. Dave’s also an author, television […]

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Is Your Whiteboard “On Fire?”

I was on a conference call with a major radio talent recently and he made a comment that stuck with me: “Our whiteboard is on fire!” On fire with new initiatives and new brand extensions and new ways to take the over-the-air product into the real world where it can be experienced in fresh ways […]

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Lagardère Buys BBC's Czech Frequencies

France’s Lagardère Active group has bought 12 frequencies in the Czech Republic from BBC-owned BBC Radiocom.
The Czech licenses, one of which covers the capital Prague, state that BBC programming must be broadcast 18 hours a day. BBC World Service has been broadcast on FM in the Czech Republic since 1992.

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What Happens to Radio when Technology Kills Mobile Phones?

There remains a drumbeat among some broadcasters to install FM radio into mobile phones, but what happens when some new technology kills off those mobile devices? From Business Insider: There is a line of thinking that the smartphone era will perish almost as quickly as it began.This is, after all, the natural way of technology. […]

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The Wisdom of Colliding Radio Genres

I was listening to an interview with filmmaker Quentin Tarantino and a fan asked him what movies made an early influence on him. One of his answers was surprising – the movie was Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein. I’m with you, Quentin – I have seen that movie hundreds of times (and yes, it still […]

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