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Ad Blocking is Exploding – Here’s How to Fight Back

Ad blocking is exploding. Here’s how to fight back. And… This is what makes your fans “tick.” It’s episode 44 of Media Unplugged with branding authority Tom Asacker and media strategist Mark Ramsey. Plus, rants and raves on why Anderson Cooper’s ban on the Orlando Killer’s face and name on-air is well intentioned but ultimately useless, […]

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Radio: You’re Messing Up on Facebook

Now that I have argued how Facebook has – and will continue to – gradually “un-like” your radio brand by blocking more of your content from the news feeds of fans who “like” your page, it’s time for me to remind you why Facebook is not only a great place for you to invest effort, […]

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What Do You Want Consumers to Talk About?

We spend oodles of time watching the ratings, minimizing tune-outs, hoping that this or that stray PPM panelist blesses us with her proximity to a radio. We obsess on consistency and on delivering on whatever promise we wish our brands to make. And when it comes to marketing, which most stations rarely do nowadays, we […]

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Are You Set Up to Share or to Fail?

Although I quote my friend Seth Godin regularly, I rarely repost his thoughts in their entirety.  Today I am going to make an exception for a post which is, in every way, exceptional: Horizontal marketing isn’t a new idea.  But it is the new reality for just about every organization. Vertical marketing means the marketer […]

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