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TV’s Digital Lessons for Radio

Edison Research recently showcased some buyer interviews arguing, among other things, that radio’s digital-only doo-dads are less than compelling to many buyers and that what they really want is an integrated approach across platforms built around fresh ideas. So what’s best, digital-only or integrated? Don’t get lost in this “either/or” – it’s a myth. It’s […]

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Scale: It’s Easier to Have than to Get

A recent Mediapost piece commented on the inevitable consolidation of players in the every-day-a-new-entrant social TV space.  This is the ecosystem surrounding your favorite shows and fresh ways to interact with them and with your friends in their presence via second screen digital platforms. The whole notion of social interactions surrounding entertainment brands is something […]

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Radio has the Wrong Idea about Mobile Apps

…or at least, not completely the right idea. Consider the study from the IPG Media Lab and which examined “advertising in the wild” to assess the effects of “viewer distraction” in a TV-viewing habitat of numerous gadgets and gizmos. One of the conclusions was that “smartphones are a persistent companion to video content.” As the […]

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