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Radio: Is Anybody in Charge of your Fans?

It was my first visit to the Sundance Channel, and I was met with this visual: Not so much a “pop up” per se as in invitation to deepen a relationship which was at least strong enough to bring me to the page in the first place (and it didn’t “pop” during my second visit). […]

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Social Media is a Mirror

Why does a relatively small fraction of your audience “like” you on Facebook? Because, as Shama Kabani reminds us, you’re looking in the wrong mirror. Shama is a celebrated social media author, entrepreneur, and card-carrying member of the digerati (she is also a one-time interview subject on this blog). In a recent piece in Inc. […]

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Radio has the Wrong Idea about Mobile Apps

…or at least, not completely the right idea. Consider the study from the IPG Media Lab and which examined “advertising in the wild” to assess the effects of “viewer distraction” in a TV-viewing habitat of numerous gadgets and gizmos. One of the conclusions was that “smartphones are a persistent companion to video content.” As the […]

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Are You Set Up to Share or to Fail?

Although I quote my friend Seth Godin regularly, I rarely repost his thoughts in their entirety.  Today I am going to make an exception for a post which is, in every way, exceptional: Horizontal marketing isn’t a new idea.  But it is the new reality for just about every organization. Vertical marketing means the marketer […]

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