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How to Make Your Online Audio Go Viral

Video goes viral, but what about audio? I have never even heard the expression “viral audio,” have you? “Going viral” means “being shared.” So why is it so tough to share audio online? In some cases the sharing capability is clunky or nonexistent. But even where conventional sharing functions exist there are two larger problems: […]

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The Future of Radio is Visual

As media mix and match, as edges smudge and barriers topple, it’s inevitable that the original audio medium becomes enhanced with pictures and even video. Not only will this be more engaging to consumers, but it will be more valuable for advertisers. Case and point: SoundCloud. This week the company announced a beta “Pro Partner” […]

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What’s Wrong with your Podcasts, Radio?

One of radio’s great opportunities is to get our communal heads and hands around the form and manner in which we post audio online.  Yes, I’m talking about the dreaded podcasts, people! If you’re a radio broadcaster then chances are you have a section of your website devoted to show podcasts (assuming you have a […]

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Pandora, Personalization, and Radio’s Competitive Future

Recently I was interviewed by Olivia Collette for Sparksheet, a business-to-business blog on media, content and marketing.  Olivia has allowed me to share the audio of that interview with you, so here it is. Some of the questions we covered: Is Pandora “radio” or not? Is “radio” today a service, an experience, or a medium? (My […]

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Here’s why Sound will NOT be Bigger than Video

Recently the folks at SoundCloud (a very good tool, by the way) did a presentation called “Why Sound will be Bigger than Video.” Well, with all due respect, I don’t agree.  At all. Here’s their argument (points are summarized from Business Insider): Simplicity. Twitter is popular because it gives users a way to express themselves […]

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