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How Important is Radio in an Emergency?

It’s virtually taken on faith in the radio industry: This idea that when all other technologies fail, there’s still radio in an emergency. But open your eyes and you’ll see that radio’s role in emergencies is under threat, thanks to technology. Sure, there are times when all the power goes out, but in those times our […]

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Why Chasing “Cool” for Radio is a Fool’s Errand

There’s nothing less “cool” than a room full of 50-year-olds preaching the importance of making something “cool.” And that happens all the time in the upper echelons of the radio industry, a place where the air must be thin enough to imagine that “cool” can be manufactured rather than earned. I’m reminded of a brainstorming meeting […]

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A New Tool to Make Audio Advertising Interactive – XAPPmedia

You know the radio spots that give you an 800-number – and repeat it four times? Don’t you just love that? Or the ones that ask you to call a number and leave your email on the answering machine? Sounds efficient, doesn’t it? Have you ever wished for an audio advertising experience that was more direct, […]

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Radio’s REAL Problem on the New Auto Dashboard

Yesterday I wrote that some auto industry analysts believe radio needs to be easy to find and use on the new auto dashboard because ease of discovery and use will trump any discussion of how good or bad the actual content is. In other words, consumers are not likely to seek out great content they […]

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Apple and Google Want the Car Dashboard – Now

Dear Radio Listeners: Apple and Google want you! Even (and perhaps especially) when you’re in your car. Here’s a video showing some of the navigation functionality of the “coming soon” iOS upgrade: But don’t imagine that the functions will be limited to maps and directions. From 9to5Mac: iOS in the Car is a feature that […]

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The Two Critical Opposing Forces Shaping Radio’s Future

There are two critical and opposing forces shaping radio’s future. I call them: “All for one” and “one for all.” The traditional radio model is neither “all for one” nor “one for all.” It’s really “all for all,” the idea that, however we define “all,” it’s the same “all” for everyone in the same linear […]

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The Best New Audio App of 2013? It’s AGOGO

One of the great pleasures of this job at this time in this industry is being near ground zero when an entrepreneur sees the world in a new way and brings that new world to life. I am proud to have done a tiny bit of work with a great new startup called AGOGO. But […]

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Radio is Bad at Technology, but…

All right, let’s just say it. Radio is really bad at technology. Sure, we can mess with Twitter and Facebook and YouTube, but your five-year-old has mastered these. Being able to function in the presence of technology with something less than the capacity of a pre-teen is not the same as being good at technology […]

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What Happens to Radio when Technology Kills Mobile Phones?

There remains a drumbeat among some broadcasters to install FM radio into mobile phones, but what happens when some new technology kills off those mobile devices? From Business Insider: There is a line of thinking that the smartphone era will perish almost as quickly as it began.This is, after all, the natural way of technology. […]

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Digital Media: What’s in Store for 2013

Here are some stats from a brand new eMarketer report on U.S. digital media usage changes from now to 2013. I’ll focus on some highlights relevant to broadcasters: Facebook users:  147 million, up 4% Twitter users: 36 million, up 14% Smartphone users: 138 million, up 19% Mobile Internet users: 144 million, up 18% Mobile video […]

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