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What YOUR Media Brand Can Learn from TheBlaze

What lessons can any media brand – even any radio brand – learn from TheBlaze? TheBlaze is Glenn Beck’s innovative, genre-busting, hugely successful platform for news, information, and entertainment in TV, radio, and online. Since its launch, its digital operation has logged nearly six billion page views. In this conversation from hivio 2015, Mark Ramsey […]

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Radio, Comic-Con, and the Future of Entertainment

Comic-Con opens this week in San Diego. It’s ground zero for media and popular culture and one of the biggest star-studded events this side of Oscar. What better excuse to talk to Rob Salkowitz, author of Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture. But it’s the book’s subtitle that has the most relevance for a […]

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The Best Digital Campaigns of 2011

Earlier this week, Paris-based marketer Gregory Pouy released an excellent presentation about the Best Digital Campaigns of 2011. Pouy manages to avoid focusing on the usual viral campaign suspects such as Evian, Old Spice and Tipp-Exx, and focuses instead on work done by Ikea, Nokia and Intel.

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