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Inside Facebook’s Aggressive Move into Video

What does Facebook’s aggressive move into video mean for their future? And YouTube’s? Also: It’s a trend – publishers as platforms, where fans make content but publishers make bank. It’s episode 10 of Media Unplugged with branding authority Tom Asacker and media strategist Mark Ramsey. Listen as we go inside media to reveal the ugly truth! Click the play […]

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What Should AM Radio Do?

In this short video, I spell out what AM should do to continue to thrive. Hint: The answer’s not going to come from our friends in Washington D.C. What does it mean to be in the “AM Radio Business” – and is that even the one you’re in? I think we’re asking ourselves the wrong […]

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The New Face(book) of Advertising

Changes are coming to the capabilities of advertising on Facebook. From Fast Company: First, Facebook is making the new ads social by default, meaning they will automatically show users when their friends have already Liked the advertiser. And the new formats will draw their content exclusively from posts to brands’ Facebook Pages, rather from advertising […]

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“I am my own Medium”

What’s the biggest change you see on the media horizon? That was one of the questions asked of me last fall in New York during an intensive day-long session with trend gurus, technologists, and investors.  It was part of Coburn Ventures’ annual Crosby Gathering (I am a research fellow with Coburn). Here’s my answer to […]

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