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Radio Does Not “Heart” Twitter

I just read a fascinating report on Radio’s relationship to Twitter in the U.S. and the results will startle and unsettle you. You can download the full report here. It’s from Brandwatch, a social media analytics company. Here’s a summary of some of the key bullet points from the study which sampled 20 radio stations from […]

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Advertising is about Audiences – not Distribution Channels

Twitter’s ability to attract a swarm of conversations around particular TV shows means that it can marshal a large audience engaged in a particular show without necessitating the use of the traditional TV spot. From the advertiser’s perspective there will be a motivation to reach the people who count without blowing a big wad of […]

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Radio: Pretend your Customers are Fans, not Advertisers

So I’m talking to a digital solutions provider who has created a platform featuring new value for consumers as part of a radio station’s online brand. Right in the middle of his on-screen experience, surrounded by the new stuff he created for his radio client, is that particular station’s Facebook feed. “Why is that there?” […]

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Radio: Is Anybody in Charge of your Fans?

It was my first visit to the Sundance Channel, and I was met with this visual: Not so much a “pop up” per se as in invitation to deepen a relationship which was at least strong enough to bring me to the page in the first place (and it didn’t “pop” during my second visit). […]

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Digital Media: What’s in Store for 2013

Here are some stats from a brand new eMarketer report on U.S. digital media usage changes from now to 2013. I’ll focus on some highlights relevant to broadcasters: Facebook users:  147 million, up 4% Twitter users: 36 million, up 14% Smartphone users: 138 million, up 19% Mobile Internet users: 144 million, up 18% Mobile video […]

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Is Social Media for Conversation – or for Broadcasting?

“Social media is for conversations, not broadcasting.” That’s a common bromide among social media gurus.  But is it true? This matters to traditional broadcasters, because so much of what we do is built for broadcasting – it’s built for “one-to-many.”  Should we shoot for more conversation or more distribution? Hubspot’s Dan Zarella took a closer […]

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Radio Hires the Internet Star

What’s the best way to develop new talent? Is it to steal from the switchboard and upgrade to sidekick? Is it to place a blind ad in an industry trade? Is it to hire or voice-track a good-enough talent from another market where that talent’s awareness in this market is zero? You could steal somebody […]

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