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Sirius XM’s Take on Personalization

Personalization is a rainbow extending all the way from “lowest common denominator” to “all mine.” The former is what you get on the radio while the latter is what you find in the iTunes store. SXM’s version of personalization, which appeared in the iTunes store this past weekend, is closer to the former than the […]

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SiriusXM is Stealing Your Fans

It’s largely off the radar for most broadcasters but I have noticed something interesting in the past year or so: Satellite radio is getting more important to consumers. I do regular proprietary research studies for broadcasters all over America, and one of my basic measures is the “favorite station” metric. For the many music stations […]

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The Limits of Personalization

Okay, so I have weird tastes.  I’m the guy whose favorite dishes in restaurants are discontinued for lack of interest.  And my music tastes are just as irregular. But thanks to the Internet you can find anything nowadays, and thanks to personalized radio services you can create what you want out of nothing if you […]

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Why I like SiriusXM’s new Mobile App

It hasn’t gotten a ton of attention, but SiriusXM’s recently revised mobile apps add some functionality which I think makes a dramatic difference in the quality of the user experience and also transforms the meaning of satellite radio online using the familiar metaphor of the DVR (not new for the conventional satellite radios, but certainly […]

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