SERVICES – Radio Intelligence

The Strategic Market Study

Gives you an overview of the market and an understanding of growth opportunities and potential. Provides deep insight into:

  • Your station’s image as well as the images of your competitors.
  • The potential for different formats and who is competing in each format.
  • What type of programming content drives listening. How well you and your competitors score for the key content in each format.
  • The optimal music strategy for you and which music styles are key components.
  • The awareness and recall of on-air and off-air advertising and promotion.
  • The market appeal and awareness of morning shows, personalities and other program features.
  • The strengths and weaknesses of your station and your competitors.

The Strategic Market Study is the foundation of your success and it gives you a plan on how to reach your goals.

Auditorium Music Test

Radio Intelligence’s Auditorium Music Test will help you optimize your music mix, programme features, personalities and marketing.

Callout and Tracking

We help you track your fast moving hits and changing music trends using telephone and/or online surveys. Our call out and leading online tools help you stay on top of changes.

Focus Groups

A Focus Group is a qualitative research tool, much like “putting your ear to the street”, to learn about new opinions and issues that you will later want to quantify in your Strategic Research.


Radio Intelligence provides you with a team of specialists in the key areas of your growth including mornings, music and marketing.

Digital Strategies

We help you create winning strategies for your digital brands. Please find out more at


Please book a presentation for a tailor-made strategic and tactical research solution by sending an email to