SEVEN STEPS – Radio Intelligence


– create hypothesis for growth
Engage your team in developing new ideas for growth. Establish an environment of creativity and fun. Find inspiration from leading stations around the world.


– find the right opportunity
Identify the most attractive growth opportunities in the market, define a detailed TARGET audience and completely understand their needs and expectations.


– do the RIGHT thing!
Develop a STRATEGIC PLAN that makes you different and credible in a RELEVANT way. Understand the key drivers to listen in your format and for mornings. When you have these insights your team can focus on the content that create RESULTS.


– do things RIGHT!
Employ TACTICAL research including Auditorium Music and Content Tests, Call Out and Online Tracking that helps you super-serve your target listener. The tactics should always be based on the Strategic Market Study to increase your relevance and deliver on your promise.


– a clear, consistent message!
In today’s complex and competitive media market your station needs a UNIQUE position based on a key BENEFIT for the target audience. The Strategic Market Study helps you stay FOCUSED on the message that will generate growth.


– via Digital and Social Media!
You must have an innovative DIGITAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY to be relevant. Understand what content to provide, on what platforms, and when. Have a plan to tie it back to the key channel and how it promotes your brand and generates more revenue.


– stay on track and follow up!
Develop an ACTION PLAN with your team and strategic advisors based on the insights. Your team’s involvement guarantees passionate execution. Set clear and measurable GOALS. Check your progress and re-establish your plan at least once a year or whenever the market changes substantially.